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Philadelphia's First Toastmasters


Officers for the 2017-18 Club Year

The roster of officers will serve from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

  • President:  Yvonne Williams
  • VP/Education:  Pat Paulus
  • VP/Membership:  Denise Rykard
  • VP/Public Relations: Joanne Joella
  • Treasurer:  Rudy Olliverre
  • Secretary:  Chantha Chum
  • Sergeant-at-arms:  Ken Reynolds


Become a Club Officer

Serve your Club and build leadership skills by running for office. Elections are held every May and terms run from July 1 to June 30. Following is a description of responsibilities for all seven positions:


  • The President serves as the Club's Chief executive officer, responsible for general supervision and operation of the Club.
  • The President presides at Club meetings and directs the Club in a way which meets the educational growth and leadership needs of members.
  • In cooperation with the Executive team, the President establishes long-term and short-term plans for Club growth.

Vice President Education

  • The Vice President Education is responsible for planning successful Club meetings so that each member has the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals.
  • The Vice President Education directs planning, organization and implementation of Communication and Leadership Program, Speechcraft and other educational programs, and chairs the Education Committee.
  • The Vice President Education schedules speeches, signs Communication and Leadership Program manuals, updates Member Program Progress Charts, reports educational program completions Promptly to World Headquarters, and coordinates recognition of member achievement.
  • He or she is the second-highest ranking Club officer, presiding at Club and Executive Committee meetings in the absence of the President.
  • The Vice President Education ensures that each new member receives orientation to the Toastmasters educational program, including assignment of mentors.

Vice President Membership

  • The Vice President Membership plans, organizes and implements a continuous marketing effort which ensures the Club maintains or exceeds a charter membership level of 20.
  • The Vice President Membership works with groups inside and outside of Toastmasters to promote Club membership and membership retention.
  • In coordination with the Club Treasurer and Secretary, he or she is responsible for prompt submission to World Headquarters of the Club's Semiannual membership report (including membership list and dues payment).
  • The Vice President Membership also provides for recognition of Toastmasters who contribute to the increase of membership in Toastmasters International, and maintains an accurate membership roster and attendance records.
  • He or she also serves as chairman of the Club Membership Committee and is the third-ranking officer in the Club.

Vice President Public Relations

  • The Vice President Public Relations develops, implements and administers a program that maintains a positive image of Toastmasters for all members, guests and the general public.
  • He or she is responsible for internal and external public relations for the Club, including but not limited to: preparing and distributing news releases regarding Club activities; publicizing Club events; working with Club officers to develop literature about the Club; representing the Club with the media.
  • The Vice President Public Relations works with the Club website editor and Sergeant at Arms to maintain an effective program of internal Club communication, serves as Chairman of the Public Relations Committee, and is the fourth-ranking Club officer.


  • The Secretary is responsible for all Club records and correspondence.
  • He or she is the custodian of the Club Constitution and Bylaws and all other official Club documents.
  • The Secretary submits updated membership and officer records to World Headquarters, prepares and mails orders for Toastmasters supplies, and in conjunction with the Vice President Membership, submits all applications for new, transfer and reinstated members to World Headquarters.
  • He or she records and reads minutes of Club meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
  • The Secretary also submits the names of newly elected officers to World Headquarters immediately after elections and is the fifth-ranking Club officer.


  • The Treasurer is responsible for the development and execution of financial policies, procedures, audits and controls.
  • The Treasurer receives and disburses funds in payment of all obligations, and develops and recommends a budget to the Club Executive Committee.
  • He or she also notifies members of dues payable and collects the dues.
  • Along with the Vice President Membership and Club Secretary, the Treasurer ensures semiannual membership reports, dues and membership roster are mailed to World Headquarters and received there by October 10 and April 10.
  • The Treasurer is the sixth-ranking Club officer.

Sergeant at Arms

  • The Sergeant at Arms serves as master host and makes the proper physical arrangements for all Club meetings.
  • He or she coordinates with the Vice President Public Relations and Vice President Membership to ensure that each member and guest is welcomed at Club meetings.
  • The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for the orderly conduct of the Club meeting, including: arranging meal service if necessary, arranging meeting room layout, setting out materials and equipment, controlling Club property between meetings.
  • The Sergeant at Arms is the seventh-ranking Club officer.